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Fresh Seafood


(Please call for availability. Varies by season.)

Fresh Maryland Jumbo Lump


Fresh Maryland Backfin Lump


Fresh Maryland Backfin


Premium Gulf  Shrimp

(Wild Caught Gulf Shrimp)

Large - 31/35 Count


(Raw or Steamed)

5# Special - $60

Extra Large - 21/25 Count


(Raw or steamed)

5# Special- $75

Jumbo - 10/15 Count


(Raw or steamed)

5# Special- $95

Fresh Fish

(These are current offerings and prices, as of 11/22/21, but can change daily. Please call the store for up-to-the-minute availability.)

Dry Sea Scallops

(10/20 Count)


Texture: Firm, meaty
Flavor: Mild to briny
Preparation: Seared, broiled, fried or grilled


(Striped Bass)


Texture: Firm, dense flakes

Flavor: strong, meaty

Preparation: Easily grilled but may be fried, broiled or baked




Texture: Lean, medium-firm, big flakes
Flavor: Mild, sweet, delicate, smooth
Preparation: Fried, broiled, baked or sauteed
(Not recommended for grilling)

 Atlantic Salmon

(organically raised in Norway)


Texture: Firm

Flavor: Fatty, buttery

Preparation: Grilled, broiled, baked or smoked

Middleneck Clams


Texture: Meaty, chewy
Flavor: Salty, minerally
Preparation: Chowders and stews, steam or grill

P.E.I. Mussels


Texture: Chewy
Flavor: Sweet, fatty
Preparation: Steamed, put in sauce, sauteed with butter, garlic, and white wine