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Our History


 In the summer of 1989, Richard Anderson and Charlie Gibby became partners in "The Crab Truck" venture in Fallston.  Richard began selling live local crabs off the converted back of a 1977 Dodge with a refrigerator unit.  After a few years of the venture, The Crab Truck started gaining popularity; Richard was selling crabs five days a week during the summer.  Richard sorted every single crab according to size and weight.  This meticulous attention to the quality of the product garnered a loyal following and an excellent reputation.  Rain or shine, long lines of customers formed throughout the summer months waiting to purchase live crabs.  The loyalty of the customers and Richard’s willingness to supply quality crabs seemingly knew no bounds; Richard even met a customer at The Crab Truck during Hurricane Hugo to provide a bushel of crabs for a "Hurricane Party."

                 In addition to crabs, customers were also looking for shrimp, crabmeat, fish, lobsters, and other seafood.  Richard was obliging; he brought coolers packed with fresh fish, shrimp, and crabmeat. Another truck was added to store more new products, such as frozen boxes of shrimp.  Richard taught full-time while working the truck in the evenings and on weekends for over 10 years.  In 1999, Richard decided to take a leave of absence from teaching in order to open a specialty seafood market, in partnership with Charlie, right down the street from where he and Mr. Gibby had started The Crab Truck.  Construction of The Seafood Stop began in the fall of 1999; the building opened for business on April 20, 2000.

                Richard credits the quality of the product and the excellence in service, along with loyal customers, for the continuing success of The Seafood Stop.  He and his staff dedicate themselves to providing customers with the finest seafood available.   We take great pride in being an integral part of the preservation of Maryland's unique maritime heritage.  The Seafood Stop is an advocate and patron of Maryland seafood producers.  As such, we are an unwavering proponent of the Chesapeake and what the Bay provides for Maryland residents—not only delicious seafood, but livelihoods for many.  The beautiful and bountiful Chesapeake Bay also provides recreation and enjoyment for countless Marylanders who love the water.  We at The Seafood Stop believe that all who are fortunate enough to treasure the Chesapeake are truly blessed to dwell in the land of pleasant living!